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Oooooold School AGT Quotes

Most from the Dirtlands journals, I think. But I found them this morning, and thusly HAD to share. ^^

"I have a V-I-C-K-I situation in the lodge." - Shawn

"I'd rather cut off my left foot and mail it to Pakistan." - Devin (duh ;))

"DAMNIT SHAWN! Its all your fault!" - Everyone (that was the catchline for that summer (2001), I think)

"I hope I have a spine!" - Mel Bowe as she was massaged

"When dorks get down:" - Vicki on Jamie dancing.

"I came here 'cause Ohio sucks." - Tony

"My name is... oooh, I almost fell off the couch." - Kieran

"Its cool to be last." - Kieran

"Um, are we gonna summon Lucius again tomorrow?" - Flynn

"And we're not here to create the next generation." - Grace on OVA

Grace: "... of the camp store."
Vicki: "The mythic camp store..."

Somebody: "Our staff don't work for eight hours!"
Somebody else: "They work for eight hours and then work for eight mooore hours!"

"The milk is coming from Shawn." - Terre

"I like boys." - Lauril

"Any orifice is open for fingering." - Rueben's version of the OVA talk

"Next time we play this game, we need handcuffs." - Jasper, on playing Crack the Whip.

"Ignorance is piss." - Men's Gender Circle

"My shiny ass looks like your sexy watch." - Phence

"Its like a beaver." - Rueben on the subject of Shawn's hairy stomach

"Its just like Lady and the Tramp but no meatballs." - Claire to Shawn

Things said about Devin:
"Well, you know what they say about small hands..."
When questing somebody to kill Devin during Shaggy's Vampire adventure: "Go kill Lucian, you know, the loud obnoxious one with the black ponytail."
White=Ian's Character, Black=Devin's Character. "The one in white we can't get to talk, and the one in black we can't get to shut-up!" Arts and Guilds, Robin

"My ass hurts... I'm not sexually frustrated." - Phence, saying things on two unrelated topics that really shouldn't have been said in that order or that closely together.

"I would think Terre's bra would be made out of... bark, or something." - Elias

"Is it unisex or is it all-male-sex?" - Sean-Michael on the foam dagger of sex or whatever it was.

"No, that's the kind of priceless thing that only happens once." - Jen on the subject of hawking up a piece of orange.

Jen: "Marshall, can't you tell the mosquitoes to go away?"
Marshall: "No, they're female, they won't listen to me."

"Its pretty hard to be sad when you're wearing pink." - Cheesy Andrew at closing circle

"Sometimes you just have to put on a bra and beat the shit out of a manikin." - Wes, closing circle.

"Wow! Tara's ass is really comfy!" - Pat

"Hey, its completely non-sexual... I just want my blanket back!" - Jesse Louis-Rosenberg

"Well, the clock is gonna have to fucking keep ticking because I'm still thinking!" - Susie Trindle

"Look at him. All pacifistic. Its like he's -amish-." - Jacob Perlman about Jesse Louis-Rosenberg

"Hey, cool! My hair makes sound-effects." - Jesse L-R

"Your hair is apparently a ticking time-bomb." Jacob Perlman to Jesse L-R

Written in the journal:
"Dear God,
Listen. We've been through a lot together and always maintained a pleasant and civil working relationship. If you wish this civility to continue, I would suggest exterminating some mosquitoes. In return, I am willing to take out some methodists and a Jew or two. Gracias, amigo.
Peace out!
- Gen (your favorite)"
And in response:
"Dearest Lord,
I would like to respond to the Heathen's letter. I agree in principle that mosquitoes are a pain. Yet, I love them as one of your creatures, so do what you will. Perhaps you could accept one of those catholics as a sacrifice, since they have distorted your word to appreciate martyrs and make mortals saints. In your name I pray, Amen.
Yours truly,
Victoria Howland"

"There is one little by-product of pharamones that we are not really encouraging." - Grace, during yet another OVA talk.

"If its OVA, its over!"

When speaking of the fence, "Don't be Matt."

"Shut up, prisoner!" - Patrick Deschere(Sp!) to Jesse Louis-Rosenberg
"Quiet, slave!!!" - Jesse to Pat
"Whatever, Prisoner!" - Pat to Jesse
"I will eat your face, slave!!!" - Squib to slave
"Oh yeah? I use your stomach acid as soda!! ... Prisoner!" - Hermatio to Squib the prisoner

"Why does everbody beat me? Hey, shouldn't you people be chained up or something?" - Jesse L-R to Jacob P. and Patrick D.

"My cleavage is not a trash can!" - Jen

"The crafting room is conveniently located on the other side of earth." - Abe

"... he's sleeping in water." - Anonymous

"I don't like this game!" - Shaggy as Devin triest to run him over with a car

"I'm okay, I have another breast." - Karen during the 2 on 1 gender war, Marshall vs. Zee and Karen

"My ass is not worthy of that foam!" - British Chris as Jasper threatens to ram a dagger up his arse.

"Its AGThouse... Its like calling God or something." - Jen

"I'd like to point out that the first time Adam had a chance, he placed the blame on a woman."

"I can hear myself sleep." - Elijah

"There's nothing like O.P. with mud on you, and just about nothing else than mud... Let's do it again!"
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