emilie (ziggyshakepeare) wrote in mythix_island,

swingin' mythix rendezvous!!

okay guys, here's how we play.

you post here when your respective christmas breaks start. i figure out a date( maybe even bodering on the beginning or ending of wintergame) when we can all be at my house. we will go sledding, we will watch movies, provided that i have a TV at my house as of that point, we will see narnia or harry potter or somesuch janks, we will hug each other. knowing everyone's schedules, its best if we keep this short, and you guys will have to transport yourselves here if it is to happen. but from thereonin, the possibilities are endless.

so find out when you are free this winterbreak! i miss you!

and worst comes to worst, i am going to wintergame--my second fulltime, sleepovercamp ever!!--and i will see you guys there if you go. i am too terribly lame to get in touch with billy/anyone else who doesn't livejournal and who we will definitely want with us during this period of time, so if you guys wanna ask him or get me his contact info then cool, i love you.

have a wonderful everything,
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