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The Things I most keenly miss

Things I miss about Mythix Island/Things I remember right now.

"Are you game?"

Devin's-Sceevey-Look That Still Haunts My Dreams

"Flynn's like, 'I'm helpless and I spit out my car window, love me' And they do."

Ginger. Oh, Gingy I miss thee.

"We're not gossiping... We're just talking... about other people... so we don't hate them later." // Chats in the attic

Whooping Cough.

Cooking Dinners.

Video Games.

Cuddles at night.


Clayton. :( Annika. :( All my 3 and 4 year olds.

The Camper Game... :( The Staff Game :D.

The SPOON game.

"Prince of Paris lost his hat..."

The keystone... :(... Destroyed! :D

Animal Crossing... Enough said.

Evenings spent slightly tipsy - and making fun of one another's drinks. ;)


Vinchenzo and Lord Dick... :)

The love.
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