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Two Things:

1. Who has which of my DVD's of Furikuri? And can you take them to New Moon and drop them off with someone so I can pick them up on Spring Break? Or something? Call me. (Also, does anyone have any of my Cowboy Bebop? Other than Fionna. Ha ha HA!!)

2. In Drawing II on Thursday, we had to draw a fountain from observing a projection onto a wall. The projection was from an image right on my professor's laptop, so you could see things like her hard drive icon behind the window we were supposed to be observing, and she had to disable her screen saver after she forgot to once.

Anyway, so we're drawing, and I notice a small, oblong window pop up in the corner displaying a loading bar about 37% full (I think). But what was it loading? Well, "Keystone," apparently.

It read: "Keystone: [loading bar], 37%".

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